How To Measure

To be eligible for the Fishing Comp all catches must be submitted with a photograph of the captured fish against an approved measure

It is important that you follow some simple photography rules in order for us to easily verify both species type and length of your catch. This will result in your catch being eligible for entry.

Any fish that isn’t photographed according to these simple rules is liable for disqualification from the competition.

Please DO NOT
  • Add any filters to your photograph.
  • Attempt to modify your measure, it should be in its original form.
  • Frame your catch at an angle.
  • Allow any gaps between the jaws of your fish and the rigid upright on your measure.
  • Submit blurred pictures where it is difficult to verify species type and size.
  • Allow obstacles in your frame which could create difficulty in verifying your catch.
Googe Full Fish Image

Bad Camera Angle

Incorrect Fish Angle

Bad Full Image

We reserve the right to accept or refuse any entry and disqualify any submission at our absolute discretion. Please refer to our competition rules for additional information.