How It Works


Chuck out a lure and bring back a whopper!


Photograph your catch against a measure.


Upload and immediately see where you rank.

The Fishing Comp is a unique national lure fishing competition, the first of its kind, which enables anglers to compete against one another to win a host of very special monthly and annual tackle prizes. The pinnacle of these prizes will be the announcement of the King or Queen of Angling at the end of every Fishing Comp season.

Using an approved measure, anglers entering the competition will be able to capture and submit a photograph of their catch online by logging in with their email and password. It’s easy, just follow our simple tips to photograph your catch.

Photographs submitted are not judged by weight but by length. We are looking for the longest fish in each species category. The longer your catch the better your chance of bagging some top quality fishing tackle prizes!

All participants of the Fishing Comp can follow their progress on a system of live leaderboards on Fishing Comp’s homepage throughout the fishing season. As new catches are submitted, they are added to our leaderboards instantly and posted to our Facebook and Instagram.

If you have friends that like to brag about their fishing prowess, now is their opportunity to prove themselves! Get them to sign up. You can compete against your friends, your family, your rivals and even against better-known anglers claiming to be fishing legends (providing they are bold enough to sign up!).

The Fishing Comp is open to all anglers. You don’t have to be a professional angler, a member of an angling club, working in the fishing industry or fishing every day to enter. If you cast a line once a year and catch a monster, you need to register and be part of this!

Perhaps you’re a bass master, a wrasse guru or a perch pro. Perhaps you know where to catch pike the size of crocodiles or lunker zander. Maybe you know where there’s a pollack the length of a bus! Just enter the competition, submit your catch, get your face and that trophy shot out there.

The Fishing Comp is being monitored by all manner of industry leaders, winners in each category could receive recognition across the fishing industry and beyond! With one simple click, you could claim your title!



The longest fish in each species category will be the winner of that species category.


The overall Fishing Comp winning entry will be determined by its length measured against the species target length as a percentage. The largest percentage over the target length will be the overall winner *. In the event no fish is over the target length, the closest percentage to 100% will be the winner **.

Target Lengths for each species are as follows:


Species Boat Shore
Ballan Wrasse46cm46cm


Species Target
Trout, Rainbow60cm
Trout, Brown60cm

* Example A: The overall Fishing Comp winner is a bass of 82cm which is 113.8% of the target length.

** Example B: The overall Fishing Comp winner is a perch of 38cm which is 95% of 40cm.

In the eventuality of a tie (two fish in a species category being of identical length) the fish which was submitted the earliest will be the winner. I.E. the fish with the earliest upload date wins.